Bulan: September 2013

Diproteksi: Uncountable Love

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Konten ini diproteksi dengan password. Untuk melihatnya cukup masukkan password Anda di bawah ini:



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You doesn’t know how many words I’ve whispered everyday for you to come, or how many times I cried out at night that I missed you. A million prays maybe would not bring you to me, I know because I tried, neither would a million tears, I know because I cried. – Donghae

I screamed a silent scream. You don’t need to know. But the stars know. The moon knows. Every drop of my tears know. Every beat of my heart know, missing you is worst than death. – Kibum

It’s pain to know what I want. I want to reach you. It hurts even more to know I can never have you. But It’s okay. It is really okay. Because I love you. – Kyuhyun Baca entri selengkapnya »